Organic Papua New Guinea Premium Estate Coffee

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After not changing our Coffee Prices several years, we need to do so. The coffee costs for us have almost doubled in the past two years, and we do not see any industry change. We hope you will still support our small business, and if prices go back down, we will adjust the prices down at that time.

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This coffee comes from the Indonesia/Malaysia area south of the Equator at about 6.3 S Latitude, a great location for coffee growth. Although coming from a slightly different region of the world than Sumatra. It's flavorful profile has a heavy body and richly complex nature. A slightly darker roast brings out its flavor. Very Sumatra like and smooth. Premium Estate.

2oz packaged in 4"x6" Mylar 

12 oz Packaged in sealed foil FDA approved bag. 

3 and 5 lb Packaged in large Vinyl Zip Bag.